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New authentic-looking Million Dollar Bill
Special limited time sale on these Million Dollar Bills
Only 10 each
New authentic-looking Million Dollar Bill

Special limited time sale on these Million Dollar Bills

Only 10 each

Is there a Million Dollar Bill?

YES, there is and we have them. Our million dollar bills are as real as they get.

(Of course, the U.S. government never printed a real million dollar bill so these bills are not real enough to spend, but almost -- and they're 100% legal.)

These are authentic-looking million dollar bills with unique seals and micro lettering to enhance their look and feel.

Many million dollar bills on the market are novelty products or just photocopies and they look CHEAP! That's not the image you want, is it?

These million dollar bills look, feel (and even smell) like real money

These million dollar bills are printed on one of the most advanced presses in the world. If I were a counterfeiter, this is the printing press I would want to use. Look closely at the million dollar bill picture shown below to see the detail work. (Note: Million dollar bill pictures on the Internet can not begin to show the micro details in these bills.)

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Below is what the back side looks like.

Here are some of the many ways you can use these bills
to enrich your life and your income

  • Direct mail: Attach one to the top of your direct mail letters and watch your response go up.

  • Trade show give-aways: Hand out million dollar bills and you will really draw a crowd to your booth. Open a briefcase full of million dollar bills and the crowd at your booth will be blocking the aisle.

  • Attract the opposite sex: Write your phone number on a million dollar bill and it won't be lost. Also, it's a great way to start a conversation.

  • Speakers - Get the undivided attention of your audience immediately. Give a few out as prizes.

  • Doctors, Dentist and Attorneys - Write appointment information on a million dollar bill and no one will ever lose the information. Missed appointments will be a thing of the past.

  • To say "Thanks a Million": Thank customers for orders. Thank someone for a sales lead, etc.

  • Waitress, Waiters and Bartenders: Leave one with each check and watch your tips go up by at least 50%. I've seen it happen over and over.

  • eBay: I include one with ever eBay shipment and my 100% positive feedback speaks for itself. It's easy to make customers happy when you include a little something extra with each shipment.

  • Fund Raisers: Sell these Million Dollar Bills to raise money. Fund raising has never been easier. Millions have been raised this way.

  • Sales people can get past the gate-keeper: Open a briefcase full of million dollar bills and see how fast you get in to see the person in charge. When the gate-keeper tells the boss that someone with a briefcase full of money wants to see them, even corporate CEOs will come out of hiding.

  • A must for MLM: MLM is a dog-eat-dog world now. To be successful you have to get people's attention. The big guys and gals in MLM know about (and use) these million dollar bills. Now you've found their secret.

  • Promote your website: Swap these million dollar bills for incoming links and watch your Google PageRank (and your search engine traffic and Internet sales) go up. I have obtained a LOT of incoming links using this method. Gone are the days when you can just ask for a link -- you have to give something of value to get links now.


How other million dollar bill owners have increased profits and had fun with these bills

"I use the million dollar bills at trade shows and art fairs. I easily make a few extra thousand a year as a result of using these in my sales and marketing."

"I can remember one time where I made a $1000.00 sale on the spot as a result of handing a complete stranger a Million Dollar Bill with my marketing message printed on a label and stuck to the back of the bill. You have a good product."

Tom B.
Truth or Consequences,
New Mexico

"As a waitress I can say that your million dollar bills are worth their weight in gold when I leave one with each customer's check."

Ann Shaw
Philadelphia, PA

"My daughter bought some Million Dollars from you and put my company name and phone number on the back of the bill and I sold one Indian Tipi for $1,500.00 the very first day she handed them out. I�d say they paid for themselves real quick."

"I like them so much I want 10,000 more!"

Don Strinz
Milford, Nebraska

"I've found that with a briefcase full of these million dollar bills I can quickly get past any gatekeeper and get in to see the decision maker."

Ron S.
Atlanta, Georgia


Other companies sell million dollar bills (that don't even look like real money) for $12 to $18 each, but now you can . . .

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Million Dollar Bills for only $19.95

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100% Money back guarantee

100% money back guarantee:

If you're not completely satisfied, just return your bills for a full 100% refund. No one ever has (and I'm betting that you wont' either) -- but it's your decision.

If our Million Dollar Bills don't make you money, we'll buy them back at full price -- whether you have 7 or 77 million dollar bills to return.

3 Easy Ways to Order

1. Order online:

2. Order by Phone: Call 1-928-927-888

3. Order by Mail: Send your order to:Million Dollar Bills, P.O. Box 422, Quartzsite, AZ 85346

If you want to order using your American Express card or want information about international shipping rates, call or email: Michael Rothe, Phone: 1-928-927-8888, Email:

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